Party for the People – Coming soon Photos and More…

photos by Alice Teeple. Photo gallery coming soon.

More to come, including video snippets and photos, but in the meantime, Party for the People wants to offer a heartfelt thank you to all the performers who came out to Von Bar on Bleecker this past Monday, December 3rd, 2018 to help get the conversation started about how we the people bring power back to the people. Also, a shout out to redcouch charter member Alice Teeple for lending her awesome documentary lensing skills to Party for the People.

Over the course of the evening there was music by Micah Gaugh (jazz fusion everything), David Ryan Harris (blues), John Epperly of Haunted Horses and Veronica Davila of Low Roller.

Interspersed with the music were cerebral musings and observations from John Philip Saladin on the dilapidated state of the Hero’s Journey in contemporary society. And lending a welcome sense of gravitas to the evening was  Fabio Krishna Periera, World Bank Consultant on the Iran deal under Barack Obama, who spoke on the topic of negotiating with the enemy.

Dj Spirit filled in any and all gaps as art-themed / politically philosophical conversation infused the room. Some have said, and judging by the number of people who have contacted us and want to be involved the next time we do this,  that a good time was had by many.

A special thank you to Joe Foldes of Haunted Horses and Alyson Pappas-kirk who gave up musical and reading performance slots to others as a consequence of too much going on in too little time. Both were instrumental in making the event happen, as was Von owner Charles von Herrlich. Thank you to all.

Haunted Horses plays Coney Island Baby on Avenue A one day after Party for the People.  Joe Foldes on mandolin and vocals. John Epperly of Metropolitan Sound on drums. Offscreen audience left is Mattley Mountain on guitar and vocals.

redcouch partners: narrative arts

J.P. Saladin: Teacher, Screenwriter and Storyteller

narrative arts is the creative shop, laboratory and lecture hall of teacher, screenwriter and storyteller J.P. Saladin. J.P wrote the following of Orson Welles on The Narrative Arts Blog: “[He] always understood that the camera wasn’t a single perspective, or a single viewer, but that inside the theater of that black box, in row after row behind the ground glass, sat eight or nine hundred people. He used the camera accordingly, and in every shot Welles ever made he maintained that pronounced and affectionate awareness of his audience.” To anyone who knows J.P, he may as well have been writing of himself.
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redcouch partners: metropolitan sound

(L to R: Joe Foldes, John Epperly)
John Epperly, sole proprietor of the LiveWork space that Metropolitan Sound calls home, at home laying down the beat as drummer for Haunted Horses

metropolitan sound is a LiveWork labour of love by musician, John Epperly, equally well-respected by his peers for his increasingly sophisticated producing skills, his dedicated commitment to the community of Brooklyn musicians of which he is a part, and his musical chops. A member of Haunted Horses, the on-hiatus The Archives, and other bands, John is also the coiner of the redcouch name. It is only a matter of time before “Live from the red couch” becomes a reality.
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redcouch partners: mattijn franssen

The Magic Forest by Mattijn Franssen
Used to illustrate “Trickle Up Economics, Conscious Capitalism & Co-Generation” (March 31, 2007)

Mattijn Franssen, self taught artist from the Netherlands, is a photographer, painter, illustrator, animator, musician and creator of fantastical worlds through his mastery of the art of photomontage. Through this form of visual allegory, often playful, sometimes dark and brooding, but almost always thought provoking, Mattijn brings to life a post-apocalyptic 22nd century Alice in Wonderland vision informed by the work of such past masters of the sureal as Dali and de Chirico.

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Loft Project: Eyes on NYC (Observation Changes the Observed)

The eyes of City Governments nationwide are upon us. Our eyes too should be on them.

The short term goals of LOFT PROJECT :: EYES ON NYC, Party for the People’s pilot project, are three-fold in nature:

  1. Do our part to fix the NYC Loft Board Rules by holding those revising the rules accountable for their actions.
  2. Highlight past injustice perpetrated upon the NYC Loft Tenant community in such a way that reopening the Loft Law window application period ASAP becomes a moral imperative for the New York State Legislature. Coming Soon: PORTRAITS: INJUSTICE
  3. Prevent the eviction of those unjustly facing eviction.

People’s homes and LiveWork spaces are at stake. Moreover, as goes New York City’s threatened Loft Community, so too may well go Loft communities in East Bay, LA and elsewhere around the nation. The eyes of City Governments nationwide are upon us. Our eyes too should be on them.

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red couch partners: alice teeple photo

Alice Teeple: Self Portrait

Alice Teeple Photo by Alice Teeple. Alice  is a visual and performance artist whose work examines social justice issues with a gritty, granular eye. Areas of particular exploration and interest across the broad spectrum of her visual storytelling  include street documentary, psychological exploration and philosophical ruminations told both in the moment through her lens and later on through her distinctly personalized approach toward photo editing. Website Coming Soon.
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red couch partners: shapevent

Zevan Rosser with two of his digital creations.
Sierpinski Triangle Landscape on algorithmically generated Action Expressionist Art
(to the left side of a right eye)

Shapevent is the one man think tank of Zevan Rosser, a relentless seeker of sense in chaos. Utilizing his sophisticated programming skills along with a visual major and an auditory minor experimental approach to mathematics that treats nature’s numerical mysteries as if a jungle to be explored and modeled rather than the jail from which most artists seek to escape, Zevan is a pioneer in the long since discovered, but as yet to be properly appreciated, field of evolutionary mathematics. Related: THE MATHS OF ALTRUISM part ii
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red couch partners ::

Documenting the Documenter: Robert Carrithers at the Howl gallery in Soho Chronicler of the cultural Zeitgeist, photographer, filmmaker and all around Man of Letters in all things artistic, Robert Carrithers is the redcouch contact on the Continent over Prague, Czechia way. Although you would never know it. A skilled flyer of the infoplane, Robert is more in tune with NYC happenings than most New Yorkers. Related: THE DOWNTOWN LUMINARIES & UNIVERSAL INTERACTION #3