Art as a tool for Civic Engagement and Direct Action

Party for the People, a collaborative effort between  and  projekt:nyc (connecting collectors, collaborators and creators) and boojummy (imagination into action), is conceived of as a festive, even joyful, local + global cooperative enterprise of artists, intellectuals, tastemakers and others possessed of good will, purpose and intention. Even if we can’t change the entire world, we can, at least, do our parts to make our own tiny little corners of it better for ourselves, for those we care about, and maybe even for some folks we don’t know.

So far as that goes, if you live in a Loft or know someone who does, or just care about tenant rights in particular or openness, transparency and accountability in government in general please think about getting involved with LOFT PROJECT: EYES ON NYC . Lofts are disproportionately inhabited by those who make art and other things that matter and there’s upwards of a billion dollar scandal brewing here in Gotham. Amongst other horribles, the New York City Loft Board changed the rules of the game midstream after all the cards had been dealt to many and now proposes to base new rules on those illegal rule changes. Quite probably over half of all those otherwise eligible to qualify for protection under the law have been ipso facto excluded from coverage. We are thinking some folks might have a thing or two to say about that.

Ideas on Approach in the age of the Infoplane.
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The pyramid on the back of a dollar bill as one citizen saw it on election day, 2018. “We, the People,” are what gives that symbol meaning.

Party for the People :: Partners

REDCOUCH (a 21st century salon) is a loose confederation of Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based or -connected artists who give a damn. As of this writing, charter redcouch members include, but are not limited to: rogue + renegade, tantextual productions, narrative arts, Shag, RobertCarrithers.com, and metropolitan sound.

prōjekt′:nyc (connecting collectors, collaborators and creators)
Andrew Lockhart is the Founder of prōjekt′:nyc with a special talent for bringing together tastemakers and global opinion leaders from across a broad spectrum of disciplines, industries and cultures. A New York based, non-traditional consultancy that links brands and agencies with creatives from around the globe who exist and work in the near future of trends, prōjekt′:nyc  designs innovative, unique ways to generate a dialogue with consumers. Consulting services include cross-platform campaign strategy and implementation, inclusive of public relations campaigns, sponsorship and event production. Mr. Lockhart is also co-founder of rogue + renegade (with Anne Kim), a creative shop and fine arts consultancy. 

BOOJUMMY (imagination into action) contextual productions is an on and off again purpose-driven media project by poet of the possible, non-partisan artivist, Raphie Frank. The name “boojummy” owes its inception to the epic poem by Lewis Carroll, “The Hunting of the Snark.” The boojum, perhaps representing transcendence, is the most dangerous kind of snark. If you find one, or so they say, you disappear forever.

WORLDZIGHT  (observation changes the observed) is an improvisational experiment in participatory action democracy, premised upon the idea of bringing together trans-global constituencies bound together by race, religion, issues, convergence of interest, or any one of a number of shared connections to a given “cause” in a peaceful, non-obstructionist manner.

Worldzight utilizes a model for political discourse and direct action based on community theater-type means of communication transmission such as those that contributed to the peaceful downfall of the totalitarian state government in Czechoslovakia during the early 1990’s, an action referred to in popular culture as “The Velvet Revolution.”